About CrashPads

CrashPads was founded by avid outdoor enthusiast and athlete, Jeff Watson. Jeff’s passion for cycling and mountain biking has filled his life with fun and exciting experiences, yet like most cyclists, he’s had his fair share of accidents as he developed better skills on the bike. As a healthcare technology professional, Jeff got tired of the downtime, pain, discomfort, and mess resulting from skin abrasions and set out on a mission to create the ultimate road rash recovery bandage.

His mission had three simple goals.

  1. Quicken the healing process
  2. Reduce (or eliminate) pain
  3. Eliminate downtime

Jeff set to work on developing the ultimate road rash bandage – CrashPads. We’ve tested and improved our product on hundreds of injuries. Road rash. Scrapes. Rug burns. Abrasions. And we’ve helped people of all ages and activity levels to feel better faster. Whether you’ve crashed your mountain bike on a sick descent, bailed on an epic trick at the skatepark, blown the perfect wheelie showing off for your friends, or slid into home base for the winning game point, CrashPads will help you and your loved ones to get back to favorite activities with proven faster healing and instant pain relief.

We’ve enjoyed seeing the wonders of CrashPads help our friends, families and neighbors through the development process, and are excited to see people all around the world now enjoy the benefits of this amazing bandage.

Learn more about our founder, Jeff Watson; pick up a pack of CrashPads with three useful sizes; or watch our video series to answer your questions.