How to Use CrashPads

Using CrashPads is easy! Follow these basic instructions and you’re sure to be back to your favorite activities quickly, while your healing begins immediately.

Instructions for Application

  1. Clean damaged skin thoroughly with warm water and mild soap
  2. Scrub to remove all foreign debris from the wound
  3. Dry the wound and surrounding skin as much as possible (if desired, a very thin layer of antibiotic ointment can be applied directly to the wound but should not be applied to the healthy skin around the wound)
  4. Select a bandage large enough to easily cover the wound and also leave a healthy border around it (for larger wounds, CrashPads®  can be layered in order to provide adequate coverage)
  5. Carefully apply the bandage, touching the adhesive surfaces as little as possible
  6. When applying CrashPads® to joints like knees or elbows, the bandage may start folding at the corner – If this happens, use a pair of sharp scissors to make small cuts along the folds then overlap the resulting flaps

Additional Information

  • CrashPads can be worn for up to 5 days, including in the shower or bath.
  • CrashPads were designed to retain the moisture created by your wounds in order to accelerate healing. If the bandages begin to leak, either capture the leakage with gauze or replace the CrashPads with new ones.
  • If you suspect infection or any other complications, see a physician immediately.

Medical Disclaimer

  • As with any accident or injury, always seek medical advice from a properly licensed and qualified physician.  None of the content above or any CrashPads® literature should be considered qualified medical advice.