Real Injuries. Real CrashPads Results.

We’re fortunate to have a product that’s so good at what it does that we’re constantly receiving ‘thank you’ notes from happy healers. Road rash-type injuries suck. They hurt, they’re messy, and they often leave a scar that can last a lifetime. Read on below to see how CrashPads offered relief and solutions to our many satisfied customers. We’ve helped people with tiny scrapes all the way up to some unlucky individuals (mostly men, go figure) who were hospitalized to treat more major injuries. 

If you have a happy healing experience with CrashPads, please tell us about it. We welcome your comments (good and bad) as reviews on our onsite product page (coming soon), our Amazon Prime listing, and also privately via our Contact Us page. If you have suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Complaints? Please pick up the phone and call us now so we can get you sorted out.

“Epic product. I took a tumble bombing a downhill trail at Whistler. Luckily, I had CrashPads to fix me up quick. They just worked amazing!”

Mountain Biker

“They dramatically decreased healing time. The edges peeled back just slightly but they were hard enough to remove. Running water helped removal. He had to shave to get good adhesion which is hard over road rash. I’m amazed at how the slough from the wound didn’t impede healing as it marinated for 6 days. CrashPads are really good bandages!”

Wife of Ken, Road Rash Victim

“I had a crash on my road bike that resulted in some pretty bad road rash. A friend recommended that I use CrashPads – these things are awesome! Worked so well… I’m a huge fan. I probably should have left it on for another day or two, but it worked great. But the best part was not having to take care of it, change bandages, apply triple antibiotic, keep it dry, etc. Not having to worry about it was so nice. You’re on to something here.”

Road Cyclist

“One million thanks for the CrashPads! As a mother, you made my life so easy watching my son heal comfortably. And they work! Thank you again!”

Mother of Alex, Road Rash Victim